Finding my niche (15 prompt series)

Here it is, my first blog post on this site. I published this blog about a week ago, but have been putting off making my first post because I really didn’t know where to start. Then it hit me, how will I ever know what to blog about if I don’t just get started and test the waters? So here is my plan for now- I have found 15 prompts that strike me, from Pinterest and other blogs, and I will spend the next few weeks writing on these topics and getting a feel for blogging. Anyone is encouraged to join along or copy any of these prompts:

  1. If you could live your biggest dream, no roadblocks, no holds barred, what would that dream consist of?  (✓)
  2. What brings you happiness? All the big and little things. (✓)
  3. If you could define yourself in a song, what would that song be?(✓)
  4. What do you do to relax when you’re stressed out?
  5. Do an Instagram roundup of your favorite accounts
  6. Short term goals for this month and why
  7. Make a list of your favorite Youtubers
  8. Review a book
  9. Do a “Day in my life” post
  10. Three books on your bookshelf
  11. Share your bucket-list
  12. Do a roundup of your dream destinations
  13. Make a reverse bucket list with the things you have accomplished so far
  14. The biggest “learning” moment you’ve had in your life so far, or the several moments you’ve had.
  15. Talk about one thing you’ve always REALLY wanted to do but haven’t.

So yeah, this are the fifteen topics I plan to cover in the coming weeks. I’m really looking forward to getting my blog started and to really find what I’m here for, both online and in real life.

Thanks for checking my blog out and I promise there will be more to come!

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Describe yourself in a song

(This post is the third of a 15-prompt series about finding myself and discovering my true values and long-term goals. Check out my very first blog post here to see the full list of prompts and follow along, or try it yourself!)

“If you could define yourself in a song, what would that song be?”

It’s taken me a long time to get to completing this post. For a while it was because I couldn’t think of a single song that would work, but then later it ended up being due to my busy schedule paired with bouts of lawless laziness.

My Spotify library is filled with thousands of songs of different moods and genres and I had no idea where to start. For the past few weeks, I ended up just putting everything on shuffle when I had some free time in the hopes to hear some lyrics that I aligned to and identified with to a T. I never found those lyrics.

Instead, I was reminded of a band I had only listened to a couple of times a while back when it first appeared on another playlist I was following. They are a Latvian prog rock band with less than 10,000 monthly listeners, and I doubt I would have ever heard of them if it weren’t for that playlist. Their songs are incredibly entrancing, void of any vocals. The song that evoked the most emotion in me was “Medem” , by the band which is called Audrey Fall.

So why did I pick this song to define myself? I like that it has no words, but there is still so much movement and emotion. I am the kind of person who’s outlook on the world can change every day or even in an instant. So this song can match my emotions any time, without the limitation of any specific words. I really enjoy the genre of prog rock, or any sort of atmospheric rock/music for that very reason. I like to think of it as a soundtrack to my own unique thoughts, instead of having words put into my head for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely enjoy hearing and reading other people’s work and finding ways to identify with it, but when given the task to define myself with a song, I’d much rather pick one with less words, and more freedom.

So that being said, what song defines you?

What brings me happiness?

(This post is the second of a 15-prompt series about finding myself and discovering my true values and long-term goals. . Check out my very first blog post here to see the full list of prompts and follow along, or try it yourself!)

“What brings you happiness? All the big and little things.”

I’d prefer to this post in a list style, kind of like the “14,000 Things to Be Happy About” book that lives on my bookshelf, only here I’m just going to try to get to 100. I encourage everybody to make a similar list for themselves as well, to look back on if you are ever feeling down or blue.

Anyways, here we go!

  1. Beaches
  2. redwood tree forests
  3. my boyfriend Lukas
  4. puppies
  5. happy-ending animal rescue stories
  6. my best friend Emily
  7. green houseplants
  8. spring flowers
  9. reading a good book
  10. finding a quote that resonates within
  11. buying clothes that make me feel fab
  12. fluffy socks
  13. feeling fit and healthy
  14. junk food
  15. “Georgia Peach” from Bath & Body Works
  16. strawberries and grapes
  17. hot green and chamomile teas
  18. songbirds
  19. hardwood floors
  20. climbing to the top of a mountain
  21. finding a hidden meadow on a hike
  22. fresh air
  23. having soft skin
  24. freckles
  25. the taste of air while running outside
  26. getting stronger at the gym
  27. cherry blossom trees
  28. willow trees
  29. memories of my childhood dog
  30. collecting stickers from national and state parks
  31. stepping on crunchy fallen leaves
  32. the sound made when you make the first step into fresh snow
  33. feeling the sun on my skin
  34. feeling financially secure
  35. learning new perspectives on life
  36. “Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey” with Neil deGrasse Tyson
  37. Adam Scott in “Parks and Recreation”
  38. big bowls of pasta
  39. warm bagels
  40. the way moonlight reflects off of snow to light up winter nights
  41. vegan red curry
  42. fireworks
  43. seeing constellations without light pollution
  44. shooting stars
  45. waking up with memories of good dreams
  46. believing in and picturing my future
  47. Tina Fey and Amy Pohler
  48. older Spongebob episodes
  49. being on a cruise ship at sea
  50. seeing ancient ruins and historical sites
  51. the Pacific Coast highway
  52. listening to Best Coast while in California
  53. public gardens
  54. the warmth of summer nights
  55. making old outfits feel new with a brand new pair of shoes
  56. band shirts from concerts
  57. concerts
  58. my big denim blue button down shirt
  59. dog parks
  60. my grandma’s cat
  61. spending time with my grandma
  62. having nothing-to-do days and spending them watching TV and snacking
  63. recommending anything to people and they actually end up becoming fans of it
  64. the ghost emoji 👻
  65. imagining future tattoos
  66. making characters and designing houses on the sims
  67. spontaneously ordering pizza with my boyfriend
  68. proposal videos
  69. friendly bowling matches with friends who also aren’t too great at it
  70. movie theaters
  71. watering and taking care of my plants
  72. thinking of what I’ll name my future dogs
  73. birthdays
  74. thanksgiving
  75. new year’s resolutions
  76. watching old videos
  77. listening to throwback music
  78. a spiritual yoga session
  79. leaving hot yoga feeling reborn
  80. getting smiled at in passing
  81. letting bugs outside instead of killing them
  82. seeing natural wonders like the Grand Canyon or the Amphitheater at Cedar Breaks
  83. happy cows
  84. airports
  85. flying over mountains, forests, and big cities while sitting in the window seat
  86. perfectly fitted leggings
  87. cuddles
  88. watching a really good movie for the  first time
  89. trying new foods and actually liking them
  90. buying cruelty-free makeup
  91. learning a new language
  92. everything from blue to green on the color spectrum
  93. finally finishing a difficult assignment
  94. cracking open and eating pistachios
  95. fried tofu and rice
  96. having sweet candy when it’s that time of the month
  97. good meditation sessions
  98. staying up late and sleeping in
  99. learning to beleive in myself and overcoming depression
  100. finding new reasons to love life


Thanks for reading the entire list if you made it through! Feel free to share in the comments what makes you happy.



Dreaming beyond hindrance

(This post is the first of a 15-prompt series about finding myself and discovering my true values and long-term goals. . Check out my very first blog post here to see the full list of prompts and follow along, or try it yourself!)

“If you could live your biggest dream, no roadblocks, no holds barred, what would that dream consist of?”

I love the idea of a achieving a dream without roadblocks. When I first started to think about how I would answer this question, I realized that it meant I was free to think in a world beyond money. I am about to finish my sophomore year in college, and just a few weeks ago I suddenly realized the degree I am working towards is not one I’d wish to continue. I still do not know exactly what kind of career I want, but I find peace in the liberty that this prompt grants, my biggest dream beyond any sort of hindrance.

I immediately pictured myself living in a turn-of-the-century beach house, with white wood paneling indoors and sky blue wooden chairs reclined in the sand between stalks of reeds outside the back door.
I also thought of myself standing in a large modern loft apartment, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a flowing metropolis, and a small balcony where I let my devil’s ivy wrap itself around the railings.

In my dream, I would love to have both of these places— the beach house for my summers, the loft for day-to-day. My life in both of these visions would be surprisingly similar. Everything would be painted white or exposed brick, if not for a few pops of decorative color, and the rooted greens from my ivy and split leaf philodendrons. I picture myself waking up with the sun, brewing myself tea from a red stove-top kettle, and taking my dog(s) out to walk and greet the day. I’d love to have time to read books for leisure, and I’d find absolute delight in writing a published work myself. I’d delve into poetry, philosophy, and good-old science fiction, everything it takes to make sense out of the little-understood universe we reside in.

In the springs and summers I’d live off of produce from farmer’s markets, and go paddle boarding in the ocean or bay. In the somewhat colder months, I’d take my car around the country visiting national parks and making adventures. I dream to see myself healthy, active, and one who has overcome depression. With close friends I’d attend concerts large and small, seek bars and restaurants both new and old, and explore new ways to employ my senses every day.

In my dream I also see myself traveling around the world whenever I have the chance. I hope to encounter every type of ecosystem from taiga to tundra, and to experience many cultures both ancient and present. I’d find an additional home within airports. I hope to learn multiple languages and compose poetry in each one. I want to document my travels through photography and video, and keep chronicles of my adventures to share and look back on when I grow old.

I realize that my true unhindered dream is a balance between calm and complex. Often times it would be me against the world, but, also just as often, me surrendering to its precedents. I want to fully immerse myself in all that life has to offer, yet come home to an abode where I can rest and find peace in the simple and ordinary.

Dreams are not always entirely attainable, but they exist for good reason– to explore oneself’s purpose and host ambition and intention. Dreams are not independent of time, and I’m sure mine will transform with age as I do. I’m very glad to have typed out my dream like this so that I may look back on it from the future and compare it to where I end up.

What is your unhindered dream?

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